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Years have been put in working to develop the destination for the individual, retail investor or trader (the "little or big guy," as well as anyone looking for great money-management tips, skills and endless guidance.  We look forward to growing, with you, over time as we add more and more tools and capabilities for you to utilize! Our introductory pricing will not​ last long so go ahead and get subscribed today via email at [premiumcontent@firstcarolinacapital.com]!  You choose from the services you do, or don't, want and it'll be delivered straight to your inbox!  We look forward to serving you with great success for years to come!  We look forward to aiding in your success; your success is ours and we're determined to succeed so join us, and we can and will do so together!

It's one of the most important things we can and frankly, must do: grow, protect, and properly manage our finances. 

While extremely vital, it's also very often the most overlooked and can be very difficult, stressful and times come when you just want to forget about it. With First Carolina Capital, we'll help you accomplish your current and future financial goals every step of the way, by your side and on your ​team 

We will be here to guide you one-on-one, provide you with what you need to know to ensure success and walk you through the process, step-by-step.


Our success is dictated by your success and with that in mind, every piece of advice, insight and recommendations​ we deliver can be counted on, or your money back!

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What We Do and Why We Do It

As you know, the world changes constantly. In order for us to improve our financial situation, today's individual, retail investor just can't compete with the huge super-traders, the millions of computers and their algorithms and technology. The markets just aren't designed, optimized or driven to help the "little guy" make it in the market conditions we face today. That's where we come in! We are exactly that; designed, optimized and driven to help the individual, retail investor make it...and make it big! 


With access to the latest market-moving news, data and insight via our Action Feed where you can clearly see the headlines and stories making noise that day but instead of having to hear all the noise, you can easily go through and find the headlines that matter to you!

The Premium Content section is where you'll want to be.  We currently offer:

access to actively-managed portfolios for multiple situations and circumstances, 

the ability to receive step-by-step, live and updated trade advisories. You don't have a thing to worry about as we guide you to and through big gains in the market, smart money-management, personalized portfolio creation, one-on-one consulting.


Traders and investors alike must be more nimble than ever, however, identifying and positioning for big gains and smart financial decisions is never easy.  With First Carolina Capital by your side, you can make Wall Street and your money work for you without having to worry about paying someone to do it for you. 

We are confident that you will quickly learn just how easy we can make it for the individual, retail investor like yourself!  No need to flush money down the drain, spend your hard earned money  when you have access to live, fresh and actionable investment and trade ideas that'll provide a boost to your income without a boost in your paycheck! 

Combined with step-by-step instructions, live updates on how to place, manage and make any necessary adjustments (such as the liquidation of an equity or equity-derivative, adding to an existing position, etc.) to ensure that your capital is preserved, has the best opportunity to appreciate and is in and out (again, either short or long-term) at the proper time.

Timing is everything.

   For the achievement of one goal. Your Financial Health. 

First Carolina Capital - Sweeping Financial Insight

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We are very proud to announce that 10% of all income will be donated to charity!  To start, Sean's Last Wish and Max Cure Foundation!  Learn more about them by clicking on the links above or images below!

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